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Presentation 10-24-2023

Main Street Vienna:

Our ongoing collaboration with the Missouri Main Street Connection organization has empowered us to envision the remarkable potential of our town square. Through this partnership, we've successfully crafted a comprehensive branding strategy for the entire town, poised to captivate and draw in travelers to explore the unique offerings of our local businesses. If you're interested in incorporating this distinctive branding into your business, let us know, and we'll seamlessly integrate it for you.

Furthermore, we've had the privilege of exploring renderings for three key properties surrounding the square. These visuals have allowed us to glimpse the exciting possibilities of a thriving downtown and underscore how aesthetic enhancements can significantly elevate property values. The visualizations showcase not just structures but a vibrant community hub that holds immense appeal.


Beautification Initiatives:

Our grant, dedicated to the creation of charming planters, has blossomed into reality. After strategically relocating these planters from the square to businesses and private spaces along well-traveled routes, we've transformed these areas into showcases of beautiful flowers. The result is not only a more visually appealing environment but also a tangible way to leave a positive impression on passersby, enhancing the overall attractiveness of our town.

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